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Online preparation for all international math exams in English.
Russian way of math teaching from a PhD Moscow based tutor

Mathematics training for A-Level, International Baccalaureate, GCSE, IGCSE, Common Entrance, SAT, GRE, SSAT, ISEE and GMAT

The teacher is a Lecturer at one of the leading Russian Technical Universities and an International Baccalaureate Examiner with 17+ years of experience.

We develop mathematical thinking. That is why my students successfully pass international math exams and enter their dream schools and universities

  • Do you need an online math tutor for International Baccalaureate (IB) to study Middle Years Programme (MYP) or Diploma Programme (DP) ?
  • Are you looking for an online teacher to be prepared for A-Level, GSCE or IGSCE in mathematics?
  • Are you planning to revise math section of SAT reasoning test to enter US Universities?
  • Do you have to pass GRE general test?
  • Will you have to take special math exams such as GRE math subject test or SAT Mathematics subject test (SAT II) ?
  • Are you required to sit сдать Common Entrance math exam to enter British schools for 11+ and 13+?
  • Do you need preparation for GMAT test to revise such GMAT parts as Quantitative Section and Integrated Reasoning ?
  • Are you thinking of entering US school and you have to take SSAT or ISEE ?
  • You are preparing for specific entrance math exams to leading international universities to study in English?

If you have answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, I will be glad to see you at my math classes in English to prepare you for any international exam you need.

Details about me – the tutor, my way of teaching and results of my students you can get either by phone / WhatsApp / Viber +7-905-741-6246 or the links below.

About the tutor and his contact details

My name is Evgeny, I am a lecturer of advanced mathematics at one of the leading Russian Technical Universities having 17+ years of teaching experience. I have both Russian and British education: Russian PhD degree (Department of Applied Mathematics at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and British MPhil degree (Civil Engineering Department, University of Wales Swansea). I also have a degree with honours of Mathematician-Engineer-Researcher majoring in Applied Mathematics from the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

I keep both Russian and Soviet traditions of math teaching as I was studying in Soviet school with enhanced coverage of mathematics, physics and informatics. So, we can also use adapted time-proven Russian study materials during our classes.

Moreover, I am very well acquainted with assessment criteria for Russian and international math exams: I was an examiner for International Baccalaureate (Math HL) in 2016-2019 and an examiner for the Russian National Math Exam in 2011-2019.

I do prepare for all international math exams in English language and entrance math tests to international schools.

My English is fluent – I have successfully passed such international English language exams as PITMAN, TOEIC, JETSET Level 6.

I am focused only at math teaching without distracting by other subjects such as physics, English language and others. So I can focus on quality of my teaching process and constantly track changes in requirements for various international math exams.

I am available the whole academic year from September to June inclusive.

You can find more information about me on the main page.

I will be happy to answer all your questions – please call me or send WhatsApp / Viber message to +7-905-741-6246 or send me an email info@mathconsult.ru

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How are classes conducted?

Our classes are conducted according to my own method aimed at the development of mathematical thinking. My goal is to teach my students to think independently, solve complex problems, give them self-confidence and increase their attentiveness.

To understand the basics we discuss simple examples and record step-by-step schemes for solving the most common problems. We certainly discuss all alternative methods to solve a given task.

Special attention is paid to correct documentation of the obtained solutions to fulfill exam assessment criteria and mark schemes. I can give some advice in it as I am an IB examiner.

We definitely solve past exam papers to make you familiar with the exam format and increase your self-confidence at a real exam. 

I have formed a huge library of international math exams past papers. In particular, past and sample math papers for SAT, GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level may be downloaded here (materials are given for different exam commissions: OCR, AQA, Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge).

I also have a full collection of IB maths past papers for Standard Level (SL), IB maths High Level (HL) and IB maths Studies for the last 17 years.

For students of IB schools I would like to offer help during their studies at Middle Years Programme (MYP) or Diploma Programme (DP).

Preparation for new IB math courses IB Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL / HL and IB Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL / HL is performed according to new IB math syllabus. I can also help you to write an IB internal assessment (mathematical exploration).

As for preparation for A-Level mathematics, we can work on such different exam modules as Core mathematics, Further Pure mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics, Decision according to necessary curriculum from OCR, AQA or Pearson Edexcel.

To get ready to take GCSE / IGCSE mathematics we can work with OCR, AQA, Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge programs.

Apart from my own study material we use lots of international math textbooks from Kaplan, Barron’s, Princeton Review, McGraw-Hill’s, Peterson’s, Haese, Oxford, and Pearson. Some of my textbooks are shown on a photo below.

If you are preparing to take SAT math we will use material from exam creators from CollegeBoard. For SAT Reasoning we will solve math problems from Official SAT study guide, and for SAT Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test we will discuss sample exam papers from The Official SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Levels 1 & 2 Study Guide.

For GMAT math we use Manhattan GMAT books set as well as GMAT Official Guide.

To prepare for Upper Level SSAT or Middle Level SSAT we will solve sample papers from Official Guide to the Upper Level SSAT or Official Guide to the Middle Level SSAT correspondingly.

I do provide you with a whole set of necessary study material. So you save your time and money.

In our individual math classes to prepare for IB, A-Level, GCSE, SAT, GRE and other exams you will study the material at your own comfortable pace and sequence. In addition, you get 100% of the teacher’s attention during such lesson and in case of unexpected stuck while homework preparation you can call me and I will do everything to help.

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Success stories of my students

Here you can find some achievements of my successful students who have entered their dream schools and universities:

  • GCSE / IGCSE math marks: from В to A*.
  • IB maths Standard Level: from 4 to 7 out of 7.
  • IB maths High Level: from 5 to 7 out of 7.
  • SAT Mathematics Subject Test: 750-800 marks out of 800.
  • GRE math section: 149-162 marks out of 170.
  • GMAT math part: 75%.
  • SSAT math section: 700-776 marks out of 800.
  • GCSE math school test for the 1st year: 89%.
  • 13+ Common Entrance: based on this exam results my student has been enrolled to Wellington College and Marlborough College (UK).

You can see my students’ success stories and their exam certificates below.

  • Dasha – got 7 out of 7 for IB maths High Level.
  • Kristina – got 6 out of 7 for IB maths Standard Level.
  • Dmitriy – 162 points out of 170 for GRE math section.
  • Alexander – 670 points out of 800 for SAT Math section.
  • Elizaveta – got 7 out of 7 for IB maths Standard Level.
  • Kate – got 90+% for C1 and C2 A-level modules.
  • Darya – got 94% for AS math.
  • Victoria – 773 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.
  • Grigory – got 6 out of 7 for IB maths Standard Level.
  • Sasha – 89% for his first year GCSE test.
  • Ana-Lina – got 4 out of 7 for IB maths Standard Level.
  • Georgiy – preparation for future math studies at the Singapore University. He got 76 points out of 100 for the Russian National Math Exam.
  • Konstantin – got 7 out of 7 for IB maths High Level.
  • Malika – got A and B for her IGCSE High Level math exam.
  • Mike – excellent results at 13+ Common Entrance exams. So he has been enrolled to Wellington College and Marlborough College (UK).
  • Anna – 776 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.
  • Fedor – A for his 1st year A-level math exam.
  • Vitaly – 746 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.
  • Polina – got 5 out of 7 for IB maths High Level.
  • Ekaterina – A for Cambridge International Mathematics IGCSE.
  • Maria – 734 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.
  • Alexey – 800 out of 800 for SAT Math Subject test Level II.
  • Yana – 600 points out of 800 for SAT math section.
  • Vladislav – 620 points out of 800 for SAT math section.
  • Ivan – 776 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.
  • Polina – A* for GCSE math.
  • Andrei – 131 points for UKISET math, 98% percentile.
  • Riva – 670 points out of 800 for SAT math section.
  • Anastasia – got 6 out of 7 for IB maths Standard Level.
  • Kristina – 764 points out of 800 for SSAT math section.

Other sudents’s reviews can be found here.

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My students’ reviews and exam certificates

My successful students and their parents wrote me more than 80 reviews.

Some of them can be found here.

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How to sign up for math classes in English?

To ask me a question and sign up for math classes in English to prepare for any international math exam call me or drop WhatsApp / Viber line to +7-905-741-6246 or email me info@mathconsult.ru .

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What to do if you need training in English language or other subjects in English language?

It may happen that problems arise not only with the mathematical part of the GMAT, GRE and SAT tests, but also with the English language. Sometimes school English is not enough to deal with difficult tasks in vocabulary, text analysis, grammar, writing essays to successfully pass GMAT, SAT and GRE. To get a good result at the exam it is advised to practice an English language part of the test.

Occasionally my students ask me to recommend teachers in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Geography in English for SAT, A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB), GCSE and other exams.

Help in such situations can be provided by my experienced colleagues, both native speakers and teachers from Russia. They teach the English language itself and all the subjects in English. To contact them email me info@mathconsult.ru or call me or drop WhatsApp / Viber line to +7-905-741-6246.

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