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  • Подготовка к любым международным экзаменам по математике для поступления в зарубежные университеты, школы и колледжи
  • ЕГЭ по математике для поступления в российские ВУЗы
  • Развитие математического мышления и повышение внимательности
Моя цель — научить ученика самостоятельно думать, решать сложные задачи, придать ему уверенность в собственных силах и повысить его внимательность.

About me

  • Lecturer of advanced mathematics at one of the leading Russian Technical Universities.
  • PhD. Department of Applied Mathematics. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia), 2005.
  • Master of Philosophy. Civil Engineering Department, University of Wales Swansea (Great Britain), 2004.
  • Mathematician-Engineer-Researcher majoring in Applied Mathematics. Degree with honours. Department of Applied Mathematics. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia), 2001.
  • International Baccalaureate Examiner (Math HL) 2016-2019
  • Examiner for the Russian National Math Exam, 2011-2019
  • Teaching experience exceeds 17 years.
  • My own method of teaching which has proved its efficiency – see my — students’ reviews

My advantages

  • Application of time-proven Soviet and Russian math teaching techniques.
  • Successfully conduct online classes Skype classes.
  • Well aware with exam criteria of Russian and international math exams.
  • I have about 1000 entrance math tests from over 120 UK schools.
  • I am focused only at math teaching without distracting by other subjects
  • Fluent English – I have successfully passed international exams TOEFL, PITMAN, TOEIC, JETSET Level 6.
  • Available the whole academic year.

Success stories

My students entered 56 foreign schools and successfully passed all kinds of international exams in mathematics.

More than 80 reference letters and exam certificates. Some of them are here.

My training programs

How are my classes conducted?

Our classes are conducted according to my own method aimed at the development of mathematical thinking. My goal is to teach my students to think independently, solve complex problems, give them self-confidence and increase their attentiveness.

I give the student fundamental knowledge in mathematics. As a result, the student becomes ready for any form of control: daily school tests, home assignment or a final exam. To get the point we discuss simple examples and record step-by-step schemes for solving the most common problems.

We pay special attention for solving past exams papers. This part of training gives my students calmness and self-confidence at a real exam. I have formed a huge library of international math exams past papers and foreign textbooks. I have also accumulated about 1000 entrance math tests of various levels to more than 120 UK private schools.

To stimulate mathematical thinking and help my students to obtain a solution by themselves I like to ask questions. The most favorite questions are as follows:

  • What is given?
  • What do you need to find?
  • What intermediate results are needed to achieve this?
  • How to do it?
  • How else can you solve this problem?
  • What have we missed?
  • How to check the obtained solution?
  • What is the mistake and why?
  • What new have we learned from this task?

As a result of our studies the student obtains independent thinking and self-control. These things are definitely handy in life regardless of chosen major.

The program of our classes I compose individually for each student taking into account his goals, time schedule and the initial knowledge.

In our individual classes you will study the material at your own comfortable pace and sequence. In addition, you get 100% of the teacher’s attention during such lesson and in case of unexpected stuck while homework preparation you can call me and I will do everything to help.

My principles

  • keep your promise;
  • respect your student;
  • explain complicated things using simple life;
  • help a student to solve a problem by himself using leading questions;
  • control homework implementation;
  • regular solving of appropriate past papers;
  • constant improvement of my own qualifications.

I invite you to my classes in international mathematics.

Do call me or drop a line to WhatsApp / Viber +7-905-741-6246!

Best regards